Picture: Lake Fyans


Friday 24 Mar 2017

A blue-green algae warning has been issued for Lake Toolondo.

For further information please visit the GWMWater website.

More about blue-green algae.

Wednesday 22 Mar 2017

Following widespread rainfall in the Grampians catchment this week, the Storage Manager is taking this opportunity to conduct a small transfer between Lake Bellfield and Lake Fyans. The transfer will occur between 23 and 31 March, providing around 1,300 ML of freshening flows to Lake Fyans, as well as a boost to water levels.


The Storage Manager’s Annual Operating Plan provides details of water transfers which may occur during each water year.


Friday 10 Mar 2017

The blue-green algae warning for Taylors Lake has been lifted.

For further information please visit the GWMWater website via the link below.

Information on Blue Green Algae

Thursday 02 Mar 2017

Adobe PDF file icon 24x24March 2016-17 Allocations have been announced by the Storage Manager. The system reserve increased by approximately 300 megalitres, with allocations remaining unchanged. Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Product, Glenelg Compensation flow, Recreation, and Wetland entitlements received 100% allocation in November 2016.

A February update on Reservoir Operations is also now available.