Moora Moora Reservoir

Updated as of 2:38 PM 19 June 2019

Moora Moora Reservoir is a small reservoir located in the upper reaches of the Glenelg River catchment in the heart of the Grampians National Park. The reservoir is the primary source of supply to Supply System 6 of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline. The catchment covers an area of about 40 km2 and acts as a sub-catchment for the Rocklands Reservoir catchment. Moora Moora can also receive water directly from the upper Glenelg River via transfers along the Moora Inlet Channel.

General Information

​The bush camping area at the lake is relatively popular.
The lake has some boating and fishing activity all year round.

Recreational Activities

​Internal combustion engines are banned.
Boating speed limit is 5 knots.
Swimming is permitted.
Water skiing and jet skis are not permitted.
Duck shooting is not permitted.
Camping is permitted adjacent to the main embankment, however no facilities are provided.

Current Operating Status

Current Level 218.970 m AHD
Current Volume 2,480 ML
Percent Full 39%
Current Inflows 170 ML/week
24 hour Rainfall 2 mmCummulative Inflows Graph
Current Releases 0 ML/day
Current Airspace 3,820 ML


  • Levels have risen since last report.
  • Inflows to the reservoir have increased since last report.
  • The reservoir is not currently spilling.


Full Supply Level 219.95 m AHD
Full Supply Volume 6,300 ML
Maximum Operating Volume 6,300 ML
Spillway Volume 219.95 m AHD
Crest Level 220.64 m AHD
Outlet Capacity 65 ML/day
Catchment Area 147 km2
Surface Area When Full 4.1 km2
Major Tributary Moora Moora Creek
Average Annual Inflow 9,900 ML/year
Maximum Depth 2.2 m
Year Constructed 1934
AHD = Australian Height Datum, expressed in metres above mean sea level
ML = Megalitres