Green Lake^

Updated as of 2:59 PM 13 January 2021

Blue-green algae detected at Green Lake is above levels considered safe for recreational use.

Green Lake is an off-stream lake with a small natural catchment. This lake protects water quality in Taylors Lake and surrounding assets. Green Lake is a highly valued recreation facility close to Horsham.

General Information

​This lake has some boating and fishing activity all year round.
Picnic and viewing areas available.
Toilet facilities are available.
No dogs are allowed at lake.

Recreational Activities

​Swimming, water skiing, jet skis are permitted.
Boat ramp available.
Shooting of ducks is permitted during duck season.
Camping is not permitted.

Current Operating Status

Current Level 133.520 m AHD
Current Volume 1,770 ML
Percent Full 33%
Current Airspace 3,580 ML


Green Lake's water level is not used to calculate water allocations for entitlement holders.
The volume of water that may be in Green Lake cannot be guaranteed at any time.

  • Levels have fallen since last report.
  • Inflows to the reservoir have decreased since last report.
  • The reservoir is not currently spilling.

Actions For Next Reporting Period


Full Supply Level 135.70 m AHD
Full Supply Volume 5,350 ML ML
Maximum Operating Level (MOL) 5,350 ML m AHD
Maximum Operating Volume 5,350 ML
Spillway Volume No spillway m AHD
Inlet Capacity 100 ML/d ML/day
Outlet Capacity 100 ML/d ML/day
Catchment Area 50 km2
Surface Area When Full 1.8 km2
Major Tributary Mibus and Diggers Creek
Maximum Depth Approx. 3.5 m at Full Supply Level m
Year Constructed 1933
AHD = Australian Height Datum, expressed in metres above mean sea level
ML = Megalitres