Lake Fyans

Updated as of 3:41 PM 08 November 2017

Lake Fyans is a relatively small off-stream reservoir with a small natural catchment. Its main function is to supply water to Ararat, Stawell and Great Western, and some Supply-by-Agreement customers.

General Information

Recreational use is high as one of the key destinations in the region.
Toilet facilities are available at the lake.
There is a private caravan park adjacent to the lake.

Recreational Activities

Swimming, water skiing, jet skiing and sailing are permitted.
Duck shooting during duck season is permitted.
Camping is not permitted.
Dogs are not permitted.

Current Operating Status

Current Level 203.190 m AHD
Current Volume 15,580 ML
Percent Full 84%
Current Inflows -220 ML/week
24 hour Rainfall 0 mmCummulative Inflows Graph
Current Releases 0 ML/day
Current Spills 0 ML/day
Current Airspace 2,880 ML


  • Levels have remained steady since last report.
  • Inflows to the reservoir have remained steady since last report.
  • The reservoir is not currently spilling.


Full Supply Level 203.80 m AHD
Full Supply Volume 18,460 ML
Maximum Operating Volume 18,460 ML
Spillway Volume No spillway m AHD
Crest Level 206.20 m AHD
Inlet Capacity 200 ML/day
Outlet Capacity 120 ML/day
Catchment Area 13.2 km2
Surface Area When Full 5.3 km2
Major Tributary Fyans Creek via Fyans Inlet Channel
Maximum Depth 6.7 m
Year Constructed 1916
AHD = Australian Height Datum, expressed in metres above mean sea level
ML = Megalitres