Taylors Lake

Updated as of 2:59 PM 13 January 2021

Taylors Lake is an off-stream reservoir located 20 km south-east of Horsham and is a reliable water source. It is able to be supplied from any upstream storage within the Wimmera – Glenelg headworks and the Wimmera Inlet Channel and also has a small natural catchment (Potters Creek).

Taylors Lake has a major role in supplying environmental water to the Wimmera River and is of high recreational value due to its close proximity to Horsham.

General Information

​The lake is popular for recreational angling and when other lakes in the region are dry the lake is used as a site for water skiing.
Its popularity is increased because of its close proximity to Horsham.
Toilet facilities are available.
Dogs are permitted.

Recreational Activities

​Swimming, water skiing and jet skis are permitted.

Shooting of ducks during duck season is permitted.

Camping is not permitted until further notice.

Current Operating Status

Current Level 142.730 m AHD
Current Volume 18,690 ML
Percent Full 69%
Current Inflows -460 ML/week
24 hour Rainfall 0 mmCummulative Inflows Graph
Current Releases 0 ML/day
Current Airspace 8,370 ML


  • Levels have fallen since last report.
  • Inflows to the reservoir have decreased since last report.
  • The reservoir is not currently spilling.


Full Supply Level 144.66 m AHD
Full Supply Volume 27,060 ML
Maximum Operating Volume 27,060 ML
Spillway Volume No Spillway m AHD
Inlet Capacity 1,500 ML/day
Outlet Capacity 400 ML/day
Catchment Area 80.6 km2
Surface Area When Full 7.4 km2
Major Tributary Potters Creek
Maximum Depth 10.2 m
Year Constructed 1923
AHD = Australian Height Datum, expressed in metres above mean sea level
ML = Megalitres